True Focus

Hasselblad’s unique True Focus ensures that the focus is accurately adjusted to give razor sharp images.

True Focus helps solve one of the most lingering challenges that serious photographers face today: true, accurate focusing throughout the image field. Without multi-point auto-focus a typical autofocus camera can only correctly measure focus on a subject that is in the centre of the image. When a photographer wants to focus on a subject outside the centre area, they have to lock focus on the subject and then re-compose the image. In short distances especially, this re-composing causes focus error, as the plane of focus sharpness follows the camera’s movement, perpendicular to the axis of the lens.

truefocus-pageThe traditional solution for most DSLR cameras has been to equip the camera with a multi-point AF sensor. These sensors allow the photographer to fix an off-centre focus point on an off-centre subject, which is then focused correctly. Such multi-point AF solutions are often tedious and inflexible to work with. Due to the physics of an SLR camera, the off-centre focus points that are offered are all clustered relatively close to the centre of the image. To set focus outside of this centre area, the photographer is still forced to focus first, and then shift the camera to reframe, with the resulting loss of focus as a result.

DSLR cameras tend to use their multiple focusing points to try and compensate for the shift in focus when recomposing, although because they tend to be concentrated towards the centre of the frame, they are not as accurate as the True Focus system.

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