Dedolight huren.


40 W focusing LED light head, bicolor

Separate dimming control adjusts the intensity with no color change. Focuses like a true dedolight from wide 60° to extremely narrow 4° clean beam – no stray light.

Lets you put the light exactly where you want it without causing any extra unwanted shadows.

Works with all dedolight light shaping accessories and aspheric wide angle attachments (85° max. and still controllable focus) including DP1.1, DP2.1 and DP3.1 imagers which are similar to the well known dedolight projection attachments but with new dual condenser optics for higher transmission and perfect light distribution.

Imager / projection attachment for Gobos and background effect filters
With the slide holding attachments, slides can be projected.Usually this wants to be done from an angle, so that the person in front of such a projection will not be touched by the light from the slide projection. This can be done from an angle of 45° or 30°.
Maintaining equal focus from left to right can be achieved bythe adjustment of the image plane in our projection devices (left-right as well as up-down)
Dedolight GOBOKIT Gobo Kit

Dedolight Gobo Set 6p

The first Dedolight was built in 1984 with the original concept evolving out of my experiences as a Director of Photography since 1963. For many years, we builtonly one version and size, and still, it became the single best selling lighting instrument for professional motion picture, television, still photography, and architectural uses worldwide.

By 1990, Dedolight and its revolutionary optical principle of the dual lens concept had so successfully established itself as a well known standard in the international film community that it earned the Technical Achievement Award from the Oscar Committee of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

By the year 2000, larger sizes of lights in both daylight and tungsten were introduced – the Series 400. These lights, while incorporating both a patented triple zoom focus and our new patented Double Aspheric technology allows for further enhanced light output, tighter focusing range, and more even light and color distribution.

2003 also hosted the introduction of a new generation of the classic Dedolight when we developed a way to incorporate both the qualities of the new generation “Double Aspheric” system with the added focusing motion into the classic Dedolight.