Broncolor huren.

FPiMAGINE is de Broncolor rentale & sales partner.

Broncolor is zeer hoogwaardig en professioneel flitsmateriaal. Het wordt ontwikkeld en gemaakt in Zwitserland. Het breed gamma omvat draagbare flitssets op batterijen, generatoren, flitsbuizen, HMI lampen, softboxen, omvormers, para’s, enz. Kwaliteit en betrouwbaarheid, gekoppeld aan stabiliteit van kleurtemperatuur, hoge flitssnelheid en vernieuwende technologie maken van Broncolor de ideale pertner voor de professionele fotograaf. Huur nu bij FPiMAGINE en geef uw klanten het allerbeste.


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Innovative Technologies – made in Switzerland.

Innovation as motivation. Although the technologies we have developed are accepted as groundbreaking, they are continuously perfected or further developed. The basis for this is a constant desire to optimise and the continuing study of electrical technologies, new materials and alternative manufacturing processes. Photography is born of light – so it is our mission to accompany its development and to further the advance of technical progress in professional lighting technology.

Speed meets precision – unbeatable flash times

Cut-off technology

For consistent flash energy, flash durations can be substantially shorter using broncolor cut-off technology than is possible with conventional units:

Comparison without broncolor cut-off technology

t 0.5 does not measure all light relevant for the complete shooting: light is radiated before and after t 0.5, which can result in blurring.

Comparison with broncolor cut-off technology

The total quantity of light is taken into account. No blurring, because the flash is cut off.

Absolute colour constancy with ECTC (constant colour temperature)


Patented ECTC technology enables a constant average colour temperature over the entire output range.

The colour temperature tolerance band is only +/- 50 Kelvin.

It controls the amplitude of the blue light component according to the warmer red component, which originates at cut-off.

With this unique technology broncolor provides output control over 11 f-stops, or ten f-stop steps, at constant colour temperature. There is no other technology which compares with this performance. With other technologies such a constant colour temperature can only be attained over a maximum of four f-stops.

Even for fast flash sequences, constant colour temperature and quantity of light are the primary quality criteria for broncolor products.

*ECTC  Enhanced Colour Temperature Control

Control meets efficiency – enormous control range, individually controllable

Power distribution

Scoro S units have three lamp outlets,Scoro E and Move have two each. Each lamp outlet has an individual power controller with LED display and is adjustable independently of the other outlets. The unit therefore behaves like three (or two) independent power packs.

The individual power distribution combined with the large control range, at its maximum from 3-3200 Joules, allows the photographer an almost free choice of f-stop.

The required flash output can then be chosen from up to 11 f-stops, or ten f-stop steps. A further power display provides information about the total energy supplied by the power pack. With the buttons beside the display it is possible to change the total energy of all channels simultaneously.

Aperture closed

Aperture open

Record charging times with Speed Mode

In Speed Mode, Move can be operated at optimum colour temperature and maximum output with a minimum charging time of 0,9 s (600 J). The Scoro even manages 0,4 s at 1600 J. The shortest charging time is an unbelievable 0,02 s.

How is that possible?
With the Speed button the maximum energy is reduced by 25 % and, so, the charging time shortened by up to 50 %.

In this way Move, just like its big brother, the Scoro, achieves the world’s shortest charging time of 0,02 s.

Using this technology stroboscope shootings can be illuminated with only a single flash unit. For example, in technical and scientific photography motion sequences can be made visible. By alternately triggering several power packs, the number of flashes per second can even be doubled.

with broncolor technology

without broncolor technology